List of Different Type Of Cosmetics Name in Hindi Free Quiz

pencil exercise-5-5-3

1. Learn new Hindi Words, This exercise contains a group of Hindi words with English meanings.

2. Learn how to say/pronounce the word from the audio given for every word.

3. Hear the audio carefully, and try to find the differences between each word.

4. Finally, its time to take test, try our quiz model given below the exercise.

1. Mirror

दर्पन ( Dharpan )

2. Comb

कंघी ( Kanghee )

3. Powder

पाउडर ( Paavdar )

4. Coconut oil

नारीयल का तेल ( Naariyal kaa thel )

5. Nailcutter

नाखून कटाई ( Naakhoon kataayee )

6. Nail polish

नाखून पालिश ( Naakhoon paalish )

7. Spectacles

चश्मा ( Chashmaa )

8. Hook

अंकुड़ा ( Ankudaa )

9. Belt

कमरबंद ( Kamarbandh )

10. Ribbon

रिब्बन ( Ribban )

Quiz Time

Find the English pronunciation of "कंघी"?


Have you finished this exercise-5-5-3 completely, Let's go to next Exercise with full of confident.