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Why do we need to study Hindi?

What is the purpose of learning Hindi?

Do you think Hindi much difficult, is it so?

Learn About the Hindi language


1) Devanagiri script of all vowels, consonants, and combinations of them.

Hindi letters have 11 Swar (Vowels), 2 Anuswar, 33 Vyanjan (Consonants) with 4 special characters. This covers all alphabets and sounds required to learn a word in Hindi.

2) Writing animation of all letters.

We provide animations for all letters in Devanagiri script to understand the method of writing all letters which help to frame words and sentences.

3) Pronunciations and Audios.

This part contains the most important role to learn a language. We give you all pronunciations for letters to understand more and get easily connected to your learning process.

4) All numerical in Hindi.

We provide all numbers from 0 to 1,00,00,00,000 in Hindi and it's pronunciation with audio. This will be very useful in your day to day life during shopping, hotels, travel,…

5) Regular workouts with our worksheet resources.

We guide you on how to read, how to speak, and how to learn fully from us, from this you will get regular commitment and work which makes you Better, Stronger and Definitely you will learn HINDI.

1) Every language has basic rules. {L,S,R,W}

In many languages, the basic skills will start from some rules given by that language. Here in Hindi, the basic rules are similar to these four Listening, Speaking, Reading, and Writing.

2) Listening, Speaking.

From the basic rules these two are always connected and similar in process, these two help you to understand the language and to reply to it. These skills are given under the pronunciation rules and Nasal sound was you can learn these two skills.

3) Reading, Writing.

The other two also have a similar process, you can read Hindi from what you learn from listening and speaking skills. Then in writing, skill starts from the letter, word to a sentence, and so on, which has some different forms of writing. These are given under the special forms and in special words category.

4) Importance of Rules.

Rules have the major function in this learning process, these make you correct yourself. You must follow the rules to get proper knowledge and to improve it, so stay connected with MeraHindi.

1) The basic foundation for learning a new language is GRAMMAR.

Grammar is the discipline through which we speak, write, and understand the pure language of a language. Language can vary from person to person. Thus, the form of a language is not fixed. The function of grammar is to maintain the correctness and uniformity of the language.

2) Everything starts from Letters i.e. The Phonology.

In Hindi, by this, you will learn how sounds are organized and the relationships among the speech sound that including or excluding phonetics with an inventory of sounds and their features, and. rules which specify how sounds interact with each other which describes (vowels, consonants).

3) Supra-segmental forms in Hindi.

This form gives us about intonation patterns, stress placement, and rhythm in Hindi spoken language. The phonemes such as pitch, length, stress, juncture, nasalization, and voice or voicelessness in clusters which are seen in the Hindi language that occurs simultaneously with a succession.

4) Morphophonology.

Morphonology is a branch of linguistics that mainly occupies the combinatorial phonic modifications of morphemes. While combining a word it will change the pronunciation but no changes in their meaning at meanwhile, it changes the phoneme of morphemes. It deals with alternations, deletion, insertion, allomorphs, noun inflection, gender, number, case, postpositions, pronouns, adjectives.

5) Verb Morphology and Adverbs.

It has a number of different features are marked on the verb and serve to situate and contextualize its usage in types of verbs, verb inflections, voice, tense, aspect, mood, non-finite verb forms. Languages differ in how and the extent to which they realize these categories morphologically, giving rise to a great deal of cross-linguistic variation.

6) Sentence constructions and its forms i.e. The Syntax.

MeraHindi will help you in constructing the structure of phrases, sentences, types like simple, complex, and compound constructions and with other syntactic constructions along with other component.

1) 10,000 + words and their meanings.

We provide lots of words with their meanings in Hindi as well as it's pronunciation. Here you can find all meanings which help you in the process of understanding the language as well. We give you two main Subparts (i) Grammar terms, (ii) Common Livelihood Words.

2) All type of Grammar terms.

Terms that makes you know about the Grammar of Hindi in a brief and helps you more to understand the language. These words lead to begin and to complete the sentence meanwhile makes you think about the situation. Terms like Adjectives, Adverb, Prepositions, Conjunctions,….

3) Common livelihood words.

The commonly used words will be very useful in your daily life and in the workplace. Here we give you all types of daily using words and their meanings, here you can find many category lists in our MeraHindi. Ex, Flowers, Tree, Nature, Festivals, Bharath Temples,…

4) Pronunciation with audio.

This makes the most important role in learning this Hindi language. We give you all pronunciations for all words with audio sound to understand more and get easily connected to your learning process.

1) 3000+ sentences and their meanings.

We give lots of sentences with their meanings and also pronunciation. These sentences will be useful for your daily routine life. In MeraHindi the sentence learning method starts from the basic sentences than by tenses from and also with daily using words which are given with their pronunciation.

2) The basic formation of sentence.

Sentences are mostly words. If the word represents a single action it's a simple sentence, then a combination of two different actions it's a compound sentence, similarly if three or more in it, is a complex sentence. The Sample sentence is given inside the respective page.

3) Sentence formed by using a word and its tenses form.

In this formation, tenses are derived from any verb. If we change the verb form then automatically the sentence will change its tense form. From this, you can learn how to change the remaining formation. Ex. Question form of sentences to Answer form.

4) The sentence made by using Common lively words.

Here the words like Think, Own, Go, See, Ago,.. by using these words we can make a sentence which is used daily in our life. By learning these types of sentences will improve your language skills definitely.

5) Pronunciation.

We completely give you pronunciations for all sentences individually. From this you should learn the letter, a word with all in and out of it, get.

1) Basic conversation.

If you are good at listening, speaking, reading, and writing skills in Hindi with confidence. Then you are ready to go conversation, here you can undergo many mistakes. Don't worry about that MeraHindi will help you at all stages be confident to face the mistakes. Learn from mistakes to learn faster.

2) One on One conversation.

In this conversation mostly done by question/answer format. Here you can learn how to ask a question and also how to answer anything for it. Here in MeraHindi we provide a platform to make some conversations to learn quickly, also with some sample conversations with a situation. Ex, Conversation during Shopping, Travelling, and Hotels.

3) Group Discussion.

Here conversation is done between more than two persons, this conversation will always lead towards the conclusion. Here you can find lots of suggestions/opinions which help you to conclude the given theme. For this, you need to have strong listening skills.

4) Live chats with rest of the word.

MeraHindi will provide a huge platform for conversation. We give you a direct link for one on one conversation to get connected with others in a form of the situation as, we assign characters like shop keeper, customers, bank employees, bus conductors, salesmen, postmaster,… and the conversation goes on and for GD we give you a theme like Agriculture, Culture, Hobbies, Fashion,… and make you discuss with we will correct you at anycast.

To know the rules related to writing and speaking the Hindi language in a pure manner, it is very important to understand Hindi grammar in a good way and will constantly in updating and help you to fully understand Hindi grammar. Here all topics related to Hindi grammar are explained with examples by classifying them into small parts. So friends, the main objective of is to help you in understanding Hindi grammar in an easy way.


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