Hindi Interjection (विस्मयादिबोधक) Definition & Types in English Meaning with Examples

Interjections Definition And Examples

An interjection is a word or expression that occurs as an utterance on its own and expresses a spontaneous feeling or reaction. It is a diverse category, encompassing a number of different parts of speech, such as exclamations (ouch!, wow!), curses (damn!), greetings (hey, bye), response particles (okay, oh!, m-hm, huh?), hesitation markers (uh, er, um) and other words (stop, cool). Due to its diverse nature, the category of interjections partly overlaps with a few other categories like profanities, discourse markers and fillers. The use and linguistic discussion of interjections can be traced historically through the Greek and Latin Modistae over many centuries.

Interjections express some emotions such as pain, pleasure, anger, surprise, and disgust. An interjection is in the vocative case and has no grammatical relation with any other word in the sentence. In Hindi, interjections are used as independent words or they can be prefixed to nouns.

हे भगवान ! he bhagvaan! O God!
ओ लड़के! o ladke! O boy!

Surprise is expressed by: ओह oh! अरे are! ओहो oho! क्या kyaa !

1. ओह / अरे / ओहो/ क्या तुम आ गए !

oh/are/oho/kyaa tum aa gaye!

o/what you came

O you came!

Applause is expressed by: वाह vaah! खूब khoob! शाबाश shaabaash!

2.वाह / खूब / शाबाश बेटे तुमने अच्छा काम किया !

vaah /khoob/shaabaash bete tumne achchhaa kaam kiyaa!

oh son-voc you-erg good work did

Oh (my) son, you have done good work!

Sorrow or grief is expressed by: हाय haay! हा haa! अहा aha! उफ uph! अफसोस aphsos!

3.हाय / हा/ आह / उफ /अफसोस यह क्या हुआ !

haay/haa/aah/uph/aphsos yah kyaa huaa!

Alas this what happened

Alas what happened!

4. आहा / अहा/ वाह – वाह क्या सुंदर जगह है !

aahaa/ahaa/vaah-vaah kyaa sundar jagah hai!

oh what beautiful place is

Oh what a beautiful place!

Disgust or disapproval is expressed by: छी chhee (छी chhee)! थू thoo ! धिक्कार dhikkaar!

5. छी( छी )/ थू / धिक्कार कितना गंदा है !

chhee (chhee)/thoo/dikkaar kitnaa gandaa hai!

shame, how dirty is

Shame, how dirty it is!

Distress is expressed by: हाय रे haay re!

6. हाय रे मैं लुट गया !

haay re main lut gayaa

oh I rob went(explicator)

Oh I am robbed (of everything)!

Certain nouns, pronouns, adjectives and verbs are used as interjections.

7. राम राम raam raam! (expresses sympathy or disapproval)

8. बाप रे बाप baap re baap! (expresses surprise or distress)

9. अच्छा achchhaa! (expresses surprise)

10. क्या kyaa! (expresses surprise)

11. जा मर jaa mar! (expresses rebuke)

Some interjections can be used as nouns.

12. क्यों हाय हाय कर रहे हो ?

kyon haay haay kar rahe ho?

why expression of ditress do-prp be

Why are you raising the hue and cry?