Hindi Combination of vowels and consonant letters (णृ - nnru) Letter Writing Method Video, Pronunciation and Example Words

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णृ - nnru (Combination of vowels and consonant letters)

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(णृ - nnru)

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Formation of (णृ) consonant letter with definition and examples.

(णृ) combinational letter is formed by combining with the 7th vowel (ऋ). Combinational letters are formed by combining a vowel and a consonant. There are totally 13 Vowels (अ, आ, इ, ई, उ, ऊ, ऋ, ए, ऐ, ओ, औ, अं, अः), while combining them each Vowels are converted into symbols in Hindi terms called Matras. Matras are -, ा, ि, ी, ु, ू, ृ, े, ैै, ो, ौ, ं, ः. These matras are mainly classified into 5 types by its position of adding them,

  1. No symbol added, (-)
  2. Adding after the consonant form,(ा, ी, ो, ौ, ः)
  3. Adding before the consonant form, (ि)
  4. Adding below the consonant form, (ु , ू , ृ) and
  5. Adding on the consonant form. (े, ैै, ं)

In this (णृ) combinational letter, Vowel symbol is added below the consonant forms of letter to denote the union of different vowels with consonants.

ण् + = णृ

is converted to

ण् + = णृ

You can find the same symbol / matra (ृ) added to other consonants in 7th consonant of every series of combinational letters.

Some more E.g. letters with the same matra,